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Our primary focus in this industry is in the residential market where we aim to help clients recognise the importance of taking the right steps when growing their real estate portfolio whilst balancing their family needs.

We utilise effective marketing strategies coupled with our drive and youthful aggression to deliver record prices in record time for our sellers. Objective and thorough analysis, along with a keen ear for your family's needs are how we identify winning properties for our homebuyers and investors.

Time is money in the real estate market. From between 25 - 65, most homeowners only go through 3-5 properties. Make the right moves.
We look forward to meeting you and working together on your real estate goals.

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Jun Xiang & Jemaine

For most people, our homes are our biggest assets. But as the years go by and our needs change, eventually our home would have served its purpose. Be it upgrading or downgrading, everyone's needs are different.

We will understand your situation and needs before assisting you to progress from one home to another, while making sure your assets continue to grow. 

Effective Marketing Strategies

Making the right moves will allow you to create wealth using real estate for many generations to come. We believe in being objective when it comes to property investment using thorough analysis of various case studies. We have also developed a systematic 5-step approach to analysing properties which I look forward to sharing with you in person.

Understanding your needs

At Homeground, we don't believe in passively selling your home by posting them on various listing portals. Instead, we utilise various marketing strategies such as home tours, 360° virtual tours, social media advertisements to bring out the true potential of your home. We strive to sell every home at the best price and in the shortest time possible.

Building Wealth through Real Estate

Curating a Personalised Solution

We tailor a unique timeline for all our clients to ensure a peace of mind when moving from one place to another. By structuring your completion dates on both ends and ensuring that you have sufficient funds to tide through the process, we aim to eliminate a logistical nightmare by creating a smooth and fuss-free experience for you.

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