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Co-Founder / R069290A

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Meet Jemaine!

With a background in education and psychology, Jemaine pursued a career as a financial consultant in the banking industry. During her 2 years in the job, she found herself enjoying how she was always able to meet new people from different walks of life and helping to value add to these customers in making their financial decisions. Throughout her career in the banking industry, many of her clients also spoke to her about their properties - after all, their homes are often their biggest asset. That was when she decided that she wanted to join the real estate industry as she believed that she would be able to marry good financial planning and real estate to make a bigger impact on her client's lives.

Together with her partner, Jun Xiang, they have assisted clients with varying profiles, from first-time homebuyer looking for their first private property to a family of 4 purchasing a HDB and even private property upgraders hunting for an investment asset. Having graduated with a Degree in Psychology, Jemaine is adept at picking up the nuances in every client's needs and preferences, in turn helping them understand their goals better. She understands that often times buyers are emotional, and she strives to balance that with her strong sense of objectivity to ensure that her clients make the right decision to set the foundation for their real estate journey.


As she continues to strive for greater heights in the industry, Jemaine is dedicated to building lifelong relationships with each of her clients and committed to serving them as a reliable and strategic guide in their real estate ventures.


“I never thought that anyone could ever look forward to working, until I found my place in the real estate industry. This job has not only given me the freedom to manage my time, but has also allowed me to see and learn things which I used to think was out of reach. Being passionate about my job is something that I truly believe will benefit not only my mental well-being but also the service and professionalism that I could provide for my clients.”

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