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Jun Xiang

Co-Founder / R062797Z

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Meet Jun Xiang!

Jun Xiang joined the Real Estate industry while he was still studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering at NTU.

After experiencing corporate life and multiple internships from hospitality to fund management companies, Jun Xiang discovered that he enjoys listening to people's problems and being a problem-solver. Being in the real estate industry has allowed him to do just that - meeting people everyday and making a difference. Besides, he believes that there is something to learn from everyone that he crosses paths with.

Jun Xiang has received multiple accolades throughout his time in the industry such as Top Rookie (#1) in his first year, Top 50 Propnex Gen, ERA Quarterly Top Achiever (#87/8xxx) and many more. He has secured optimal results for his clients by selling their residential properties ranging from landed to condominiums and HDBs at record prices and in record time. With a keen eye for opportunities and a finger on the pulse of market trends, Jun Xiang is also well-equipped to help clients make sound investment decisions that align with their goals. 

Beyond the transitional aspect of real estate, Jun Xiang is known for his unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. Approachable, communicative, and armed with a strong belief in integrity, he is dedicated to crafting a seamless and positive experience for every client as they navigate the real estate market together. 

"Being in Real Estate has allowed me to be on the ground meeting people everyday. I believe that I can make an impact - even if its just a small one - this value I bring can be that 1% that changes my client's life for many years to come. Being a firm believer of the never-ending pursuit of growth, I want to bring as many people with me as I can - be it clients or realtors - and elevate everyone together."

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