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Kuo Wei

Realtor / R064255Z

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Meet Kuo Wei!

After graduating from NTU with a Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Kuo Wei took on a role in SMRT as an Executive Engineer. It was a stable and comfortable job but he soon found himself tired of dragging himself to work and sitting in a cubicle everyday knowing that he had a lot more potential to offer.


In late 2020, Kuo Wei was diagnosed with Lymphoma and that turned his whole world upside down. As he went through the torturous chemo sessions and fought his illness head on, he found a fire within himself - to not take life for granted and to chase bigger dreams. He decided to start studying for the real estate papers while undergoing treatment and passed the papers on his first try! This is truly a testament to his drive to overcome all obstacles which in turn pushes him to continually go the extra mile for all of his clients.


Armed with a renewed passion for life and a willing heart to always give his best, Kuo Wei has impacted many of his clients’ lives since then - serving investors, upgraders and even older folks downsizing and cashing out for retirement. Through these opportunities, he has also been consistently recognised by the company through their awards. Being a down-to-earth and humble person, Kuo Wei shys away from the spotlight and instead focuses on the one thing that he is passionate about in this business - to leave a positive impact on every single client he meets. 


“Most of us let life pass us by without thinking of the future, whether its dreams we’ve always wanted to achieve, or what we want to leave behind for the next generation. My goal is to build lasting relationships with all my clients and help them build wealth through real estate or simply find a warm home to return to when life gets at them.”

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